Thank you for your interest in volunteering! There are so many ways to be involved with Burnaby Hospice Society!

Burnaby Hospice Society volunteers are special people who play an integral role in our daily operations. More than 200 individuals give their valuable time and energy to support and care for members of our community. 


April 2nd & 4th - 6:00 - 9:00 pm
April 6th - 9:30 - 3:30
April 9th & 11th - 6:00 - 9:00 pm
April 13th - 9:30 - 3:30
April 16th & 18th - 6:00 - 9:00 pm

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities, including...

Providing companionship and comfort to our hospice patients

Providing compassion and support for our bereavement clients

Supporting our events and fundraising efforts 

Maintaining our Healing Garden

Helping us run our Thrift Store

I have been a Burnaby Hospice volunteer for five years and I hope to be able to be a hospice volunteer until the day before I die. It’s important to work! I became a Burnaby Hospice Volunteer because I helped two friends die at home. These experiences made me aware of the importance of ‘being there’ with the dying.

I enter each room with openness, willingness, and peace. I sit a while, hold a hand, sing a song, massage cream into dry skin, play cards, bring a drink, and read a book out loud. But what I mostly do is listen. There are often things needing to be said and to have a listener is sometimes all it takes.

There is no burden to carry someone’s words or to bear witness to their passing. It is a privilege to witness the sharing of stories and to continue to carry them even after the person is gone.

I hope I have many volunteers around my bed when my time comes! We can exchange words, someone might bring a dog to pet, we could watch silly shows on TV and just breathe the energy of life to the end! What wonderful medicine for dying!

~ Judy Dixon

During the year I have volunteered with Burnaby Hospice Society, I have shared a sacred space with those at the end of their life. I offer my time to hear the stories of the lives they lived, the families they were a part of, the adventures and challenges they faced, and the fears they saw ahead.

Being of service to those at the end of their life is a humbling experience. To know and beknown is loving and compassionate.

Spending time with those in hospice is an honor and a blessing. Death is not something to be feared. The support, compassion, and companionship of volunteers make a difference in the deaths of patients in hospice care.

~ Tracy Crawford

Who are our volunteers?

Compassionate, understanding, and emotionally mature people of all backgrounds and experiences.

People who listen deeply and without judgement 

People who are culturally sensitive and respectful 

Individuals who can give their time consistently

What kind of volunteering can I do?