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Hospice. It’s a scary word. It’s a word that is particularly frightening due to its association with the end of life. However, did you know hospice care is designed to provide comfort, understanding, and acceptance for patients and their families as they attempt to process a terminal illness diagnosis or the end of a loved one’s life.

Hospice care is not about giving up hope, but rather it is about focusing on the individual’s wishes and options to provide an opportunity to live out their remaining time in comfort and contentment.

This approach is just the beginning of the things you will learn as a Friend of Burnaby Hospice.

Did you know we also support advanced planning and the opportunity to think about a loved ones legacy – or your own legacy for that matter. We also provide bereavement support – helping people find the joy and purpose in a new chapter of life.

Our circle of friends is large. It extends far beyond the hospice experience. It includes the lived experiences of family members, caregivers, neighbours, volunteers, donors, community partners, small businesses, and large corporations! It includes YOU.

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